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2012 Birthday Project

Posted by Jenny on
May 15th, 2012

Hey guys! As you all know, Dave’s birthday is right around the corner and we decided to make this birthday special by making an online digital scrapbook! We will be posting the scrapbook on the site for fans, family, friends, and Dave to see. All messages sent will be shown on the scrapbook. You can send in birthday wishes, encounters with Dave (please do not make up any stories), or any of that good stuff. You can include original artwork, letters, graphics, ect..

• Need more information? Ready to submit? Click HERE or click the picture above!


4 Comments on “2012 Birthday Project

  1. Hannah
    / Reply

    The first moment I saw him on 21 jump street. Me and my friend savannah fan girled in the middle of the theatre even though we didn’t know his name. Made my sister sit with us until we saw the name scroll down the screen. Dave Franco(; -<3

  2. Katya
    / Reply

    Dear David,
    Happy Birthday!
    Many happy returns of the day! I wish you a very happy birthday! Be healthy and wealthy and have a lot of success and good luck
    All the best )

  3. mana
    / Reply

    happy birthdayyy!!!!
    I love you much from the time I saw the 21 jump street.
    Im a japanese so I continue to support you from Japan!!
    I wish you a nice BD!!!!!

  4. Georgia
    / Reply

    Aww that’s such a cute idea :) keep up the good work! Love your site- it’s the best oen out there ;)

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