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Are you Dave?
– No, we are just fans

Are you his manager?
– No, we are just fans

Do you know Dave or have contact with him?
– No, we have no contact with him nor have we met him. Yet.

Do you think you can get me an autograph?
– We wish, but we do not have access to these materials. Hopefully in the future!

Can you send Dave a message from me?
– Unfortunately, we do not have any contact with Dave or his representatives.

Does Dave visit this site?
– Not to our acknowledgement

Is the site official?
– Nope. This site is ran by fans for fans.

Can I use your photos on my site?
– Yes, but we ask of some credit and if the photos are tagged, please leave the tags in place

Do I have to pay to view the photos in your gallery?
– Everything on this site is free, so therefore, you do not.