Waiting for (Dave) Franco at Cinema Society

written by Jenny XXIX.I

A snowy Friday night on the Lower East Side kicked off with a gathering of bodies looking for warmth at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema, where The Cinema Society and Artistry were hosting a screening of the hip zombie flick Warm Bodies. Although director and screenwriter Jonathan Levine managed to roll through with most of the film’s cast in tow—including Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer and lovely model/actress Analeigh Tipton—the red-carpet chatter seemed to revolve around Dave Franco, younger brother to the ubiquitous James. But where in the world was he?

Maybe a Burberry-clad and oh-so-British Mr. Hoult would have some ideas.

“Me and Dave are really good friends,” he told the Transom (after making facetious comments about Dave’s wimpiness to a rival group of reporters.) “I didn’t get a lot of scenes with him—apart from eating his brains, which is unfortunate.” Mr. Hoult assured us that Mr. Franco’s brain tasted “pretty good.”

We decided to run with the zombie theme by asking another dapper guest, Tony Danza, what his stance was on cerebral dining. Mr. Danza walked away with a look of horror.

Ms. Palmer, looking radiant in an off-white Vera Wang dress and Louboutins, was more helpful in providing apocalypse survival advice. “It’s great when you go for the head,” she instructed. “You can cut their heads off.” Her weapon of choice for such a task: a good old-fashioned hedge trimmer.

But, despite her fearless demeanor and robust zombie-killing knowledge, Ms. Palmer admitted in a smooth Aussie accent that the great white sharks at home frighten her. “I don’t even let my dogs swim in the water anymore!”

The conversation between Ms. Palmer and a gaggle of reporters began to drag, until at last it turned back to the subject of the night: the younger Mr. Franco.

Apparently even a digested brain couldn’t stop this guy. “Dave Franco asks the most original questions. Like, thought-provoking, amazing questions,” Ms. Palmer gushed. Although we had hoped for a real life example of Mr. Franco’s charm, we decided to take everyone’s word for it and maybe catch him at another movie event. Or at a university somewhere, should he follow in his older brother’s footsteps as a perpetual grad student.


2013 January 29 Dave Press Videos Warm Bodies

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